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A teacher who enjoys a good coffee, a glass of wine and the chance to write daily without interruption. Other things get wedged in. For other articles by Val Mills, please visit: more...

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Whether it is e-mail or snail mail paper documents, attending to incoming mail is an important part of our daily work lives. Rather than let it overwhelm you, learn some simple time management and productivity strategies for handling your mail, allowing you to get on with the things that are important in an efficient way.
Published by Val Mills 62 months ago in Productivity & Time Management | +14 votes | 2 comments
Humpback whales migrate north from Antarctic to warmer northern Pacific feeding and breeding grounds during the winter months of June and July. They pass through the waters of Cook Strait, New Zealand, where an annual survey monitors population numbers, establishing the rate of recovery of these mammals since commercial whaling was banned in New Zealand in 1964. The 2012 survey began on Saturday 9 June.
Published by Val Mills 62 months ago in Biology | +14 votes | 1 comments
We are all actively growing older, whether we like it or not. Rather than look upon old age and the later years of life in a negative way, it is better to have a positive attitude toward aging. Being active in your retirement years and enjoying life to its fullest is the result of having looked after yourself and retained a positive attitude. Would you choose to sit alone and moan about the state of the world in your retirement years, or would you rather be out there actively participating in al...
Published by Val Mills 63 months ago in Aging & Anti-Aging | +17 votes | 4 comments
In these unsettled times a business can be profitable one minute and look as if it is crashing the next. Decisions have to be made, but this can sometimes be confusing. Maybe there are lessons in Nature to guide you. If our business is not going well, read how the day after a storm gave rise to some things to consider. Compare the waves crashing onto the rocky coast with the faint glimmer of hope of the rainbow hanging lightly in the sky above. Which two options describe your business right now ...
Published by Val Mills 63 months ago in Small Business | +17 votes | 4 comments
Kids love going to the playground to have fun and use up a bit of energy. Parents need to realize that, while playground equipment has been designed to comply with strict safety measures, there are also a few common sense safety rules they need to teach their children. Swings are often a favorite piece of play equipment in playgrounds, especially with younger children. Parents need to make sure kids understand the potential dangers if swings are not used correctly. Here are a few tips that pare...
Published by Val Mills 63 months ago in Child Safety | +9 votes | 2 comments
Unlocked cars are a potential hazard for children. While children should be taught to not play in cars, they are too young to anticipate potential danger and make responsible decisions. Parents should not only help their children become aware of the potential danger of playing in cars, but should also ensure that cars are always locked whenever not in use.
Published by Val Mills 63 months ago in Child Safety | +6 votes | 1 comments
Summer time is fun time for families. Sometimes parents avoid taking their children to crowded places, for fear of losing them. By putting a family safety plan into place, these outings can be approached with more confidence. Talk through the following safety procedures with your kids, not just once, but often. Do it every time you go anywhere, so that children always know how to find help if they do get separated from their parents. It's all a matter of being prepared.
Published by Val Mills 63 months ago in Child Safety | +14 votes | 4 comments
Family vacations can cost a lot of money. They can also be strained at times, with parents trying to meet the needs of their children and themselves. There is a cost effective alternative available, that will be fun for all, as relaxing or as challenging as you wish and sure to be enjoyed by all. Why not consider taking your family on a cruise. This article explains why it is an appealing option for whole family holidays or vacations. Read it and decide for yourself.
Published by Val Mills 63 months ago in Family Travel | +4 votes | 0 comments
It's vacation time again and the family is off to spend some quality time together. Often this involves a long car journey. Kids are not good at these unless they have a focus. Spend family time together, planning your trip, talking about what to expect. Anticipate boredom and other problems by being prepared ahead. It is easy to give the journey a focus and occupy the kids time, keeping them interested along the way. Put an end to that constant question, are we there yet?
Published by Val Mills 63 months ago in Family Travel | +7 votes | 1 comments
Kids need to learn how to be safe in the kitchen. But that doesn't mean keeping them out of the kitchen. It is aparent's role to teach kids common sense and a few basic safety rules. TKids learn by observing and doing, so parental supervision and teaching is very important. The kitchen is only unsafe for children if they don't know the general rules for behaviour there. Enjoy some positive time with your kids as you show them what everythign in the kitchen is for and how to use it safely.
Published by Val Mills 64 months ago in Child Safety | +8 votes | 4 comments
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